How to share folders in shared drives: new!


Do you want to share folders within shared drives with users outside your organisation? Now you can do it!

The Drive update, the G Suite App, released just a few days ago, is the news you have been waiting for and we want to tell you about it so that you can benefit from it right away.

It's that simple! You do not need to enable any functionality from the Console, just share the folder you are interested in in Shared Drives by adding the users' address even if they are members outside your organisation.

This is an important feature that further simplifies sharing, which until recently only involved individual files. 

If you are a G Suite Business, G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise for Education, G Suite for Non-Profit and G Suite Essentials customer, try us now.

The update is available via Drive on the web, the Drive API, Drive File Stream and the latest Google Drive apps for iOs and Android, while via the native file system on ChromeOS it will be with a forthcoming release. 

Sharing a specific folder with other users and updating member access within shared drives allows you to focus on your work and ensure a smooth and seamless experience for all! 

You can of course choose the role to be assigned to each user between Commentator, Viewer and Contributor, while moving folders from shared drives is only allowed for Content Managers.

In any case, remember that you can remove users from the shared folder at any time with one click.

If you do not yet use Drive, you can turn to our team. power2Cloud, as Google Cloud Partner in Italy takes care of all Google Cloud solutions, including G Suite.

Working in Shared Drives: the advantages.

A Drive is Forever. What do we mean? We couldn't work without it because it makes it easier to store, search and access files for our colleagues and the people we work with.

Some people think that Drive is just a storage space and they are wrong. It is the perfect tool for collaborating, so if you have G Suite but don't make full use of this application, here are some advantages we want to remind you of:

Shared drive files belong to the organisation and not to individual users. This increases security and is an important guarantee especially in teams where there is a higher turnover. 

If an employee leaves the organisation, the administrator deletes their account, but their files remain available so that others can continue to share information and work from any device (tablet, mobile phone, computer).

All members of a shared Drive see the same content. Think of a marketing team, sales team, administrative team and so on. Everyone can access files pertaining to them. 

Increase collaboration by inviting external members. Avoid working with attachments that make the work more complex and less fluid!

Restore files if you are a manager, content manager or contributor.

And how do you use Shared Drive? This Google App that is also included in G Suite increases team productivity, especially when multiple corporate teams, people working in smart working or when collaborating with multiple suppliers are involved.

Shared Drives allow teams and organisations to store, access and collaborate on files of all types such as Sheets, Documents, Presentations, Forms.

The advantage is that everyone can collaborate according to their competences in real time making work more productive, increasing safety and productivity. 

Sharing folders from shared drives: 3 useful tips

For the marketing team, it can have a shared Drive accessible by all internal employees and a specific folder for advertising material also accessible to an external agency. 

If you are part of the sales team and have multiple locations, you can set up a shared drive that allows team managers and directors to follow all activities, with regional teams only able to see information relevant to their area of interest in a shared folder

Are you preparing for an event or meeting? You can grant all members viewing access to all files, while giving each specific team editing access to documents relevant to their party. 

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You are on the right track!

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