Data migration, automation and administration in a single platform

Data migration, automation and administration all with one software: cloudM

cloudM Platform

Migrate to Office 365, G Suite or Dropbox with the world's leading technology: email, calendars, files and contacts. Simplify centralized IT admin: email signature management, platform usage tracking and reporting, user management automation. Exclude any downtime for your users with Business continuity!

cloudM Enterprise

Maximise the potential of the cloud by offering a tailor-made solution adapted to your needs. In addition to CloudM Platform, our package includes integrations and solutions customised to your infrastructure and your team's workflows.


Speed and reliability for systems management

Help your business get the most out of the cloud through migration, automation and administration. Save time by enabling those processes with one click that your team would otherwise have to develop in multiple days. Move to the next step now!

You are in good company, they have already chosen cloudM


Lower costs and protect your business data

Over 50 million migrations in 83 countries worldwide: trust cloudM and unlock the potential of the cloud for your business. Choose a platform suitable for companies of any size. Facilitate your teams' productivity from the moment they start: Drive adoption of new work suites to facilitate collaboration and autonomy.

Data migration, automation and administration in a single platform
Data migration, automation and administration in a single platform

Seamless Integrations and Open API

cloudM is Premier Partner Google Cloud and Gold Microsoft Partner. Meet the challenges of Digital Transformation with many benefits not only for your IT department: lower maintenance costs, centralized security, scalability. If you use many enterprise applications with uncommon security policies: leverage cloudM to armor all your applications.


Security, Stability, and Privacy

We know how important the security of your data is especially during a migration to the cloud, this in fact is a crucial step where you risk losing the work of years. cloudM guarantees you total data integrity with robust access features, such as SSO, and the most advanced data loss prevention technologies.

Data migration, automation and administration in a single platform

Frequently asked questions

power2Cloud is a cloudM partner in Italy. Our team is here to help you securely migrate all your data, plus they will follow up on the synchronization of all your business signatures. 

As always, a dedicated account will assist you all along the way.

cloudM Platform has a tool that estimates migration times and indicates how much is left when finished, using total data volume and current throughput (the speed at which data is processed).

This function requires that the migration is already in progress and consists of a rough estimate of the remaining time. Accurately estimating the duration of the migration before it begins is really difficult, due to the large number of variables involved and the various limiting factors such as bandwidth, machine specifications, and platform throttling.

Because of these factors, ideally, the following data should be collected to estimate the migration duration, both in total and per user:

- Total number of users / units / sites to be migrated

- Data volume

- Total number of e-mail messages and files

- Data distribution (number/volume of items per user)

- Number of file permissions

- Number of file folders

Contact our team for assistance.

Migration architecture: information about the source platform can help in designing the migration architecture, e.g., the number of CloudM Migrate Self-Hosted secondary instances needed for the migration. Each instance runs 20 concurrent threads by default, and since the limiting factor in almost all migrations are cloud platform throttling and API quotas, the number of threads is critical in determining the expected duration.


Calculation: Since platform limits during migrations are generally found in elements per second/user, it also means that the number of elements is as important, if not more important, than the volume of data. Our internal testing (using real-world migration results and best practices) determined an average of 40,000 mail items per instance / 2,000 items per thread per hour. As a rule of thumb, a migration lasts as long as its largest user, so this can be used to calculate an estimated total duration, provided there are enough threads available to complete the remaining users in this time frame.

Migration batches can be used to ensure that larger users use the available thread time most effectively.


File migrations: if migrating to Google Drive or Sharepoint / OneDrive, there are additional factors that should be considered. Specifically: the number of permissions, as this increases the number of API calls required and the likelihood of throttling; and the number of folders, as these need to be retrieved during each execution of the migration (whereas files are only processed if they have changed since the first execution ).

It depends on the number of users involved (e.g., is it just an organizational unit with X users or an organizational unit that encompasses other organizational units and secondary users?) and how much data is within the signatures that need to be synchronized with each user account.

Typically, most of the changes avviene between 30 minutes and 2 hours

Currently cloudM supports migrations from systems: Novell GroupWise, G Suite, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, VMWare Zimbra, Scalix, IMAP, several File Platforms (Windows File Systems, Box for Businesses, Dropbox Business, Sharepoint Server 2007+, Sharepoint Online.

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Data migration, automation and administration all with one software: cloudM

Data migration, automation and administration all with one software: if you are looking for software that respondsfrom these needs, we would like to introduce you to cloudM.

It is a solution that has many advantages and provides security for your work, as evidenced by oore than 50 million migrationss in 83 countries around the world.

Coveted by CIOs, cloudM is the service that helps organizations get the most out of the cloud through data migration, automation, and cloud administration. If you hadn't heard of it yet, we recommend learning more about the benefits of this world-leading software.

Some of the best-known brands are using cloudM to unlock the productivity potential of the cloud. Join the likes of. Netflix, Groupon, Spotify and many more!

Ensuring integrity to your data is vital when choosing a new management system. Perhaps you need to update the database or open a new data warehouse. So this is a delicate process that requires security and organization. That's why you need to plan strategically and use the right applications.


Data migration with cloudM Migrate: security, effectiveness and speed

Get the most out of the cloud with the migration tool veloce and secure that protect your data. Abring the collaborative workspace of the future with cloudM.

This powerful cloud migration software gets you to the cloud quickly and securely:

- Migrate email, calendars and files with a wide choice of destinations such as Office 365, G Suite, Dropbox and Cloud storage
- Migrate to 3 destinations from over 30 legacy and modern origins
- Complete pre-migration environment scan included
- Multi-server migrations
- Live summary dashboard
- Simple configuration for all migrations
- Email notifications
- Automate with Powershell
- Easy-to-use user interface
- Simple troubleshooting, support and monitoring
- Manage migrations from your systems
- Migrate to cloud storage


Switch to Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is the most cost-effective solution for storing data and maintaining data protection and compliance. Data retains its structure and can be migrated back to a live account when needed, simply by using a free restore license.

Migrate storage licenses to and from Google Cloud Storage to avoid increased licensing costs for Google's archived users.

Migrate archive licenses to and from Microsoft Azure Storage to avoid the annual commitment for archived Exchange Online user licenses.


- Easy: Enjoy a simple and intuitive experience with a browser-based desktop interface. Or let our experts take care of it for you.

- Fast: No need to wait to get the most out of the cloud. Our cloud migration tool enables you to speed up the process with scalable infrastructure, multi-threaded architecture, and intuitive functionality.

- Secure: We know how important security is during migrations. Move to the cloud safely, ensure integrity to your data and avoid downtime for users.


Manage with ease with cloudM Manage


Get more from the cloud by using the cloudM management package to administer and automate your IT resources. Choose a more secure future for your entire organization with an easy, ideal solution devoted to saving money.

Save costs, increase productivity and improve security using cloudM Manage. Help your team be more productive from the moment they start work. Promote the adoption of your productivity suite to facilitate collaboration and autonomy. Unlock maximum value from your productivity suite.

Automates IT administration to implement lightning-fast processes and seamless user management. Easily manage compliance and governance of data from a single location. Peace of mind when it comes to file and e-mail integrity.


Integrates and administers

We work best with others. CloudM's powerful integrations allow you to use our platform to fully manage Office365 and G Suite for your entire organization.

cloudM is designed for IT administrators. From user permissions and data governance to signature management and staff directories-we simplify the management of one or more domains.

Design, set up and manage email signatures dynamically for all users in your organization with one click. Maintain compliance and get a real-time overview of usage and integrity status with alerts to identify potential problems.

Promote workplace collaboration the workforce management tool. Use smart search features to better connect colleagues, partners, and suppliers.


Domain management


Managing a domain is complex. From managing individual users to broader permission sets, it is critical to protect your organization while users remain smoothly productive.

With the help of cloudM, IT administrators can find simple solutions for their management tasks from a single control panel, all while offering infrastructure users a flawless experience.




Work smarter to save time. Automate onboarding, offboarding and everything else. Keep processes simple automate google. Configure workflows for permissions, policies, and processes for your productivity suite from one place.

Manage the lifecycle of your resources. Save time, protect your organization and control licensing costs with powerful, automated user control mechanisms.

Then with cloudM Smart Teams, provide the IT team with the ability to automate permissions, processes and policies. power2Cloud is a cloudM partner in Italy. Request more information from our team.