Schedule your meetings and also create shared online calendars for your team or private individuals. Calendar is integrated with Gmail, Drive, Sites and Meet and works from any device.

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Online business calendars

With Calendar you can organize tasks and appointments, optimize the work of the sales team, compare the availability of colleagues to schedule a meeting, manage shared resources such as company cars, meeting rooms, tools, and more. Calendar helps you quickly schedule engagements, managing invitations and responses in one click.

Flexible and tailored to your needs

Customize your online calendar

Choose whether to make your Calendar private, set work hours to determine when you are available, consult time zones, turn on notifications and the view you prefer (day, week, month or year), filtering weekends or past events. Thanks to the colors you can distinguish your calendars from those of your colleagues.

Google Calendar - Customize your online calendar
Give continuity to your work with gmail

Connected with all your tools

Calendar is also integrated with your Gmail

Calendar is natively integrated with Gmail and all Google Workspace tools, but also with Trello, Slack, those you routinely use such as HubSpot's CRM. This gives you interoperability and allows you to record all the information and initiatives you undertake with your contacts. You'll see how easy it is to set up a video call with Meet and send an automatic notification from your e-mail to the people you want to engage, whether inside your organization or outside.

We will help you

How to synchronize Calendar with other providers

If you want to use Google Calendar to manage resources, spaces, and meetings by synchronizing it with other devices (tablet, computer, and mobile) and services, such as Outlook or Thunderbird, our team can support you securely, safeguarding your information.

How to sync google Calendar with other providers

Frequently asked questions

If your colleague's calendar is not public within your organization, you can ask him to share it with you. Once shared you can always view his availability if his appointments are not private.

Yes, we recommend that you always let people know when you are working and available. If someone tries to invite you outside of your office hours they will receive an alert. Also, don't forget that you can also set up the Out-of-office.

Course. Respond to the invitation you received via email with. Perhaps and select the Propose a new time. You can also add a message to your proposal. This will avoid the copious exchange of unnecessary emails.

The Console administrator can configure rooms or resources owned by the company. Users can book physical spaces or assets (cars or tools) in addition to meetings by adding them to their calendar events. Users' booking results in the creation of a corresponding event in the calendar of the room or resource.

Yes, by default. You can display a popup reminder ten minutes before an event. The time of the reminder changes when the calendar settings are changed.

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