Collaborate with inline comments and pull requests. Manage and share your Git repositories. Create and implement with your team from a single platform, without worrying about infrastructure and maintenance.


A platform to plan, collaborate on code, test and deploy

Why choose Bitbucket?

Code review is at the heart of every software development process; unfortunately, for many it is still a slow and arduous task. Change your tune with developer-made software that meets your team's needs across four key areas: collaboration, scalability, extensibility and security.

Use cases

Bitbucket: indispensable for developers

Deliver the best pull request experience ever with a truly intuitive platform, faster performance, and tools designed to scale securely. Directly migrate existing workflows to Git. Use Bitbucket and the tools Atlassian to plan, write, release and debug your software faster. Smooth and improve the development cycle, with maximum transparency between development, DevOps, Debugging and support teams.

Create better software. Do more with fewer clicks


Bitbucket Integrations

Customize Bitbucket with integrations Jira, Bamboo, Statuspage e Opsgenie to track and solve the problem from the source. Take advantage of Atlassian Marketplace add-ons, use the API to create additional functionality, or further extend the power of Bitbucket.

Sleep easy dreams, your data is safe

Bitbucket Security

Offer enterprise-level security with granular permissions and merge controls. Set high-level global permissions, then optimize them at the project, repository, or even branch level with read/write restrictions. Use merge controls to enforce quality requirements and make sure they are met before a pull request is merged. You can also create custom restrictions according to your needs.


Frequently asked questions

You can use Bitbucket Pipelines in a project with any software language that can be compiled on Linux using Docker images

On the cloud version of Bitbucket it is absolutely possible via commands.

Quickly and easily understand what has changed over time or the differences between two codes using the differences view: side-by-side analysis will prove a difficult tool to replace

Absolutely. Create a branch within an issue in Jira Software and set triggers to transition between states when fixing or merging code.

Through Bitbucket you can recommend specific conditions to your developers regarding the merging of individual branches or patterns of branches. You can also apply advanced merging controls through Bitbucket Premium features.

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Bitbucket to better build, monitor and deploy your software

Give your team everything they need to better build, monitor and deploy your software. Bitbucket helps developers store and manage code, monitor and test changes, while customizations and integrations make it easier and faster for you and your team to build better software. Want to get started? Bitbucket is chosen by more than million software teams and more than 6 million developers.

Why choose Bitbucket?

It uses a solution to manage git repositories, collaborate on source code, in short a secure guide throughout the development flow. Here are some of the Bitbucket features that teams value most: Increased security to keep code and data safe at all times. Control access to source code and upgrade to enterprise-level security features if needed; Collaboration with all business teams. Atlassian creates strong connections between business teams, from development to IT operations with automation of its products and third-party tools: those already in use, Atlassian tools, or using both; secure deployment. Gather comments online to collaborate on code reviews, monitor, preview your deployments with automated testing and built-in continuous delivery; ready-to-use integrations. Promote transparency, sharing and collaboration for all teams in your software company, keep the engineering and design departments informed. Bitbucket integrates with Jira, but also with Confluence, Bamboo, Slack, Codeship, Trello, Visual Studio and many others; rest APIs to create custom features for your workflows if they are not already available on the Atlassian Marketplace; Integrated CI/CD. Use Bitbucket Pipelines, the integrated CI/CD solution, to compile, test, and deploy. Take advantage of code-like configuration and fast feedback loops. The user interface allows you to get started right away with the Your work dashboard to access pull requests and the most important repositories. In fact, Repositories lists all those you can access and organize to find them more easily. Code review is a key step in the software development lifecycle and gives you confidence that you are releasing quality code safely.With pull requests you can quickly identify items that require your intervention, while with tickets you monitor feature requests, bug reports, and other tasks related to your project.

Bitbucket: cloud, server or data center, which do you choose?

Bitbucket Atlassian offers three deployment options for: Bitbucket Cloud is hosted on Atlassian's servers and is accessible via a URL. Bitbucket Cloud features a unique continuous integration tool, Pipelines, which allows you to build, test and deploy directly within Bitbucket. Bitbucket Server is hosted on-premise in your environment, offers strong integrations with Bamboo, Atlassian's continuous delivery CI/CD tool that allows you to fully automate your processes. Bitbucket Data Center is an enterprise offering. For users, it looks the same as a single instance of Bitbucket Server, but has significant advantages such as large-scale performance, high availability and smart mirroring. power2Cloud, as an Atlassian partner, will show you the capabilities of Bitbucket, sharing best practices, integrations, and anything else your organization can use to enhance developer tools and most importantly improve the quality of your work.