Rely on secure software like Bamboo for integration and release management. Automate the entire delivery pipeline, from creation to testing to release.


Why choose Bamboo?

Unleash the power of agile development through automated workflows; keep teams online and on track with build resilience and high availability; increase capacity and performance as your organization grows.

Use cases

Bamboo Simple plans for teams of any size

A tool for professional software development teams. Bamboo is recognized among the leading tools for DEVs because of the ability to branch workflows, deployment-related options, REST API-type solutions, or automation mechanisms.


A seamless experience

Integrations of Bamboo

Connect Bamboo with Bitbucket and Jira, in any type of deployment for a seamless experience; release easily using Docker and AWS CodeDeploy; and integrate with Opsgenie to enable your response teams to quickly investigate incidents.

Compile, test, and distribute without hassle

Safety of Bamboo

As a distributed application, the security of Bamboo is important. Security alerts are available with vulnerability detection and reporting, such as user management permissions and authorizations.


Frequently asked questions

Bamboo offers automatic branching and merging for distributed version control systems (DVCS) such as Git and Mercurial, as well as push-button plan branching for traditional version control systems (VCS) such as Subversion, Perforce, and CVS. Developers can then integrate changes easily and quickly, regardless of the branch containing the new code, with complete security. 

Bamboo supports all programming languages and has so many integrations-we are sure that, together, we will find the one that fits your every need.

Bamboo helps more than 1,200 companies worldwide develop incredible software in more than 53 countries around the world. From the small project, to the startup, to BMW and NASA, Bamboo fits every company and challenge.

Bamboo has several advanced and integrated features that are constantly being updated to make work management easier, such as: work scheduling and coordination tools, resource repository.

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Bamboo Atlassian: continuous delivery & integration (CI/CD)

Bamboo is a tool that correlates "Build automation," testing, and release management into a single workflow. It integrates with JIRA and BitBucket by providing a fully tracked "Deployment pipeline." Bamboo is a tool for teams of developers and implements a Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration type solution, which means enabling the constant integration of software elements and allowing the "delivery" in production of related packages, which are modules of the software being run. Its capabilities to distribute workflows, offer numerous options useful for software development, make integrations available via REST API, and automate the software development and deployment cycle are widely recognized.

Why choose Bamboo?

These are the features that make Bamboo an extremely interesting tool: Continuous integration & deployments with a single tool Directly integrates artifacts ( libraries ) from the CI pipeline into development projects Manages your environments including permissions Schedules deployments effectively against customer requirements Built for professional teams Enterprise-class access control and role scheduling Lots of innovative features Integration with distributed version control systems ( DVCS ) e.g. GitLab, GitHub ... Tools for creating automated tests Support for AWS and Docker etc ... Flexibly managed pipelines Differently classified pipelines that can be run in parallel Tasks can be run in the cloud, flexibly Integration with distributed systems for version control without plugins Numerous integrations Integration with Jira and Bitbucket for complete traceability, from issue to deployment It is possible to view Bamboo deployments and builds directly from Jira issues and Bitbucket commits/pull requests. From Bamboo also, it is possible to do the reverse. Specifically: View Bamboo builds and deployments directly from Jira Run a build process from Bamboo when releasing a version from Jira View Bamboo interface modules directly from Jira Run a build process from Bamboo when committing to Bitbucket Automatically recognize new branches in Bitbucket and schedule a build View Bamboo builds from Bitbucket commits and pull requests View Bitbucket commits from Bamboo Integrations with tools such as Docker and AWS CodeDeploy Marketplace with more than 150 apps Atlassian's tool offerings are very rich and allow for effective software development by customizing the tools needed for each organization's needs. As an Atlassian partner, power2Cloud helps teams choose the right software. We work to optimize and improve your processes through effective software. Want to get started right away? Just ask our team.