Digital signage software thanks to Appspace manage all your displays

Digital signage software: optimized management of your devices in the cloud

Much more than a sales platform

Connect people, spaces and technologies from a single platform

Program your devices and customize responsive content from a single platform. For your stores and offices, displays, video walls, room scheduling, totems, kiosks, enterprise tv. Share your information in three easy steps with simplicity and Appspace templates.


Connect people, spaces and technologies from a single platform

Program your devices and customize responsive content from a single platform. For your stores and offices, displays, video walls, room scheduling, totems, kiosks, enterprise tv. Share your information in three easy steps with simplicity and Appspace templates.

You are in good company, they have already chosen Appspace


Bring out the potential unexpressed in your spaces!

Convert displays into useful and engaging touch points. Dialogue with customers, guests and users effectively. Share news, promotions, campaigns, announcements, reports and social activity on large and small displays. For your offices, make the availability of shared spaces visible and allow them to be booked out of each room. Also broadcast dedicated information to your employees on the displays you already use such as iOS, Windows, Android, LG, Samsung and many others.

Digital signage software thanks to Appspace manage all your displays
Digital signage software thanks to Appspace manage all your displays


Seamless Integrations and Open API

Connect Appspace to other enterprise solutions such as WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google Workspace (G Suite), Google Calendar, Google Maps, Chrome Enterprise & Device, Atlassian, Salesforce, Office 365. Use the tools you already know and love to present information from any system, including through APIs.


Security, Stability, and Privacy

A dedicated security and privacy team: ISO27001 and GDPR compliance. All data is encrypted at every stage of processing. Implementation of TLS1.1 and above to support 256bit encryption. Database backups at least every four hours. Restricted data center access through biometric data verification and security guards.

Asana project management: work organization for your projects

Frequently asked questions

power2Cloud is an Appspace partner in Italy. For some clients we have successfully configured hundreds of displays deployed in Italy and abroad. 

We believe that this dedicated digital signage solution finally gives value to all the displays that we often see turned off, with content that is not responsive or that is not valued as it should be. 

Our team walks you through the setup, then follows up with training your staff so that you can take advantage of all the opportunities of this solution. Publishing, calendaring and sharing content across all your displays is really as simple as that. 

A dedicated account will follow you from activation throughout your journey.

Your work and sales spaces are more than just a place to do business. Appspace helps you build a more meaningful customer experience because it is a useful tool to manage tens or several thousand displays with personalized content to inform, promote, engage. 

How can I use Appspace? From one cloud-based platform, you can securely organize digital signage for offices, retail outlets and your own spaces, even if you have devices located in different countries and cities.

Examples in the field are indeed many. Appspace is perfect for pharmacies, restaurants, hotels, tour operators, professional offices, gyms, galleries, cosmetic stores, clothing stores, waiting areas, supermarkets, trade shows...

Appspace offers the ability to connect 5 devices with the free plan and up to more than 3,000 devices with the enterprise version. It is a scalable solution, so it adapts to your needs. Appspace grows with your business!

Appspace is compatible with a wide range of devices that perhaps you already own such as Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSP) Tizen, LG webOS, Cisco Webex Room OS, Media Value, and BrightSign. 

If you need to buy new ones, however, please note that according to specific publishing requirements you may choose the one that suits you. Ask our team for the full list.

Cards are templates that make it even easier to share a wide range of information such as company events, blog posts, surveys, deadlines, guest wifi, and more. 

Create custom content according to your brand identity or start with the high-impact, always responsive Appspace Cards to share even faster on TV, computers and mobile devices.

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Ready for a new level of engagement?

Appspace works on all the displays you already use now

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Digital signage software: Appspace for your visual communication

If you are looking for digital signage software for your organization here are the solutions offered by power2Cloud.
Haven't yet thought about how to use displays for your visual communication? We'll give you some great ideas for conveying your content in a novel and modern way with Appspace.
Modern spaces are more than just a place to do business or have experiences! The way we work is changing, and so is the customer experience. power2Cloud knows this well, which is why it chose Appspace as its digital signage software to put its customers always at the center of change, into the future.

With Appspace you can plan visual communication and customize the content to be offered on all your digital displays and totems for your offices, your retail outlets, and your open and enclosed spaces (waiting rooms, common areas, galleries, gyms, cinemas, hotels).

Appspace is a useful tool for managing Displays and VideoWalls, Kiosks, Enterprise Tv, Collaboration Displays, multimedia and advertising totems, Room Scheduling.
Using digital signage software like Appspace helps you create and organize targeted messages with ease. Managing from a single platform thousands of displays even if they are located in different countries and cities.
Start communicating you dynamically, increase sales or awareness of your services, put to use those screens you used to leave off and unused.

With support from the power2Cloud team you can think about your visual communication in just a few clicks.
Appspace is easy to manage, plus depending on your needs you can choose between its Appspace Express and Appspace Enterprise versions.

All your content is responsive, i.e., suitable for any display, plus you can easily modify it by setting themes (colors, fonts, animations, etc.) according to your organization's standards. Create an innovative and consistent work experience now. Don't leave your screens off.

What advantages does digital signage software like Appspace have?

1. Quick and easy remote publishing. If you have multiple offices, outlets, common spaces or screens, you can centrally manage and customize content according to context or your needs, calendaring your communications.
2. Designed to scale and accompany your growth without worry. Appspace was born in the cloud to provide you with security, speed and reliability: you won't have to worry about software or data center hardware upgrades.
3. Share news, promotions, campaigns, surveys, ads, dashboards, advertisements, reports and Social feeds on small and large screens. Combine multiple displays and create video walls or billboards for impactful communications. Publish news, text, video, images in real time!
4. Create beautiful Kiosks. Offer information on services offered, directions, promotions, questionnaires with touch displays that are easy to use and administer.
5. Put your Enterprise TV on the air: play live or recorded video, including TV broadcasts on your displays within common spaces or at points of sale.

Appspace a partner for office device management on a single platform

With Appspace, you can use conference room monitors to display your organization's updates. Expand the reach of your internal communication campaigns, enable displays in meeting rooms!

You can organize (Room Scheduling) the use of common spaces more easily: you can show the availability of meeting spaces and have them booked out of each space. Integrate Appspace with so many applications, including those with Google tools that allow you to get the most out of your tools, let's see how.

With Chrome Enterprise & Device, on the other hand, you can use devices that work with Chrome for digital signage ( video walls, kiosks, and more). Manage them centrally with Chrome Enterprise, which gives administrators all the granular controls and policies they need.

Share Google Work space (G Suite) content from Sheets, YouTube, Forms, and the Google Workspace (G Suite) Apps! Create once and view on Chrome and Android devices running Appspace.

Simplify meetings and meeting room planning with Google Calendar. Combine all calendars into one and display it in the planning tab of the App space.

Appspace also gives you transparency and sharing in three simple steps. Customize content with cards: upload your content with ease using HTML Card templates. It's as simple as editing a slide. Publish to Channels: Cards are grouped into Channels and published with scheduling and playback rules. App Appspace: display Channels in the App Appsace on displays, cell phones and computers.

Join the 600 leading organizations in every market sector that have already entrusted their visual communication to Appspace such as Facebook, Carrefour, Mastercard, Cisco, Coca Cola, Nestlé, and General Motors.

Working in teams with Appspace is possible!

A communication platform is only effective when the message reaches all its recipients with confidence. At the center of Appspace's work you will always find customers, their communication needs and more beyond their infrastructure, which should never be a constraint, but a tool.

power2Cloud will help you realize the full potential of the Appspace platform by offering tailored solutions. As today's reality continues to evolve and remote working is becoming more prevalent for a multitude of reasons, we want to help keep all teams informed and up-to-date, wherever they are.

Connecting with your colleagues has never been easier thanks to Appspace.
- Publish to employees' home devices at home that have devices capable of running Appspace just as you normally would in your office environment. Many remote teams use collaboration endpoints at home, such as Cisco Webex devices.
- Others have wireless presentation devices (from brands such as Crestron, Mersive, Airtame and others) that would work the same way as traditional office digital signage, only at home. Publishing to these remote devices can help keep your employees up-to-date with announcements, new policies and procedures, and relevant events.
- Not all remote workers have a collaboration endpoint or wireless presentation devices at home: publish to the Web! Because of recent events, the Appspace team has focused efforts on making available an easy and effective way to publish channels to the Web without users authenticating to view them.
- Make your channel available to anyone who can access the URL. Embed the Appspace channel URL in a Web page and make it available through an intranet or internal Web platform (e.g., Sharepoint). Alternatively, you can send a link to the channel via e-mail, text message, WhatsApp, and other messaging platforms.

Appspace's response to Covid, distant but close

Current world events are affecting the way companies and organizations communicate with their employees. It is likely that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, your teams will be working remotely for the duration of this situation.

Many teams are not used to being away from the office. Using Appspace can improve workplace communications as employees go through this transition.

If you are already an Appspace customer, your team is accustomed to viewing Appspace content on a daily basis. Posting the same content on home devices or the Web can offer your employees a sense of normalcy while they work remotely.

For employees who are always working remotely, this small step can help them feel included in the day-to-day culture of the office, giving them access to important information.
power2Cloud offers dedicated consulting and services specifically for digital signage and visual communication from Appspace. Request more information from our team and get started now!