Business applications for digital transformation

You don't want your Company to become like Blockbuster or Kodak, do you?

Then you need the right business applications to cope with digital transformation. Those without the ability to innovate and adapt to change are bound to lose market share quickly.

Why is change so important?

Transformation starts with real change. Think of the advances in technology that have changed many of our habits.

Today everything is connected to the Internet and will be more and more so: cars, medical devices, home appliances, as well as many services-think of ways to buy online and even your children's report cards, which the school sends you electronically.

These new innovation-related processes accelerate services, collaboration, and provide unprecedented amounts of data!

Of course, in addition to the tools, the expectations of customers have also changed , who consider the experience of contacting a Company as important as the purchase of a product or service they provide. 

Also changing is the marketplace: where does your company position itself in this new scenario? Remember that technological innovation, if accompanied by the right culture, is the backbone of any successful enterprise.

How many tools does your company use to work?

Every company's digital toolbox is important to address all kinds of needs. Using too many tools or applications of different solutions that are unable to communicate with each other, however, can be counterproductive. Business processes then become even more scattered and cumbersome!

Since habits are what maintain a status quo that leaves no room for new opportunities, our advice is to start choosing the right tools by starting with needs: what do I need? What wastes my time the most? What are our weaknesses? Are these solutions compatible?

Please remember that G Suite is a single platform, but it has many useful and integrated business applications that can be enhanced with App Scripts. Here are a few of them:

Personalized corporate email

Hangout Chat with secure messaging for teams

Google Calendar for easy scheduling and keeping your team up to date

Hangout Meet for easy access video conferencing

Documents with real-time editing

Advanced and fast online spreadsheets

Impressive presentations created together

Simple and customized survey forms

Google Site for easy to build websites

Google Search to search for what you need in just a few clicks

Vault to store, create and export information

How up-to-date are your tools?

Of course, it is not enough to equip yourself with the right tools; you have to constantly update them.

When you walk into a hotel room and still find a CRT television, what do you think? That you won't be able to watch Netflix, for example! Innovation is constantly evolving, even now that we are talking about it. In truth, even modern TVs may not be compatible with these new on-demand solutions: technology requires you to keep up, it's inevitable, if you don't want to be cut off.

The advantage of Google solutions is that they work with you! You can use Google's infrastructure for your productivity and take advantage of the updates Google constantly releases to meet your work habits.

How does your team collaborate?

Companies that still use in-house servers recognize them immediately: people work individually at their desktops, spend their day sending lots of emails, attaching unnecessary GBs and MBs, storing data in folders that will then slow down their searches, wasting time on repetitive tasks.

The use of G Suite in the Company similarly has a distinctive impact: employees are able to engage with each other in the field, from a point of sale or from a production department, sharing real-time feedback with the administration, improving the flow of information and helping their colleagues feel like a team even though they are working from different locations, in Italy or abroad, from their cell phones or computers.

How fast is your Company?

Do you have a technical problem? A request from a Customer? Is a sudden change taking place? Do you need to present a product or service? Teams need to be able to act quickly.

Being agile is key to being competitive. With G Suite, you can collaborate in real time on the same document, working on content, revisions and projects without losing track, even offline.

How long does it take you to search for the data you need?

If you use G Suite, you can find the files and content you need in just a few clicks to make smart decisions-everything is in the Cloud!

With Google Search, you can find exactly what you need in all of your organization's or team's data. Not only do people get what they need, they get it much faster.

Save time and stop manually searching for the files you need by sifting through folders, servers, and external hard drives.

Are your business solutions integrated with each other?

Clearly, you don't have to overhaul everything. You can continue to use the applications that accompany you in your work. Did you know, for example, that G Suite integrates with many business applications enhancing their benefits? It happens, for example, with Salesforce, SAP and DocuSign.

In addition, with proper permissions, related to sharing and security, you can keep your team informed at all times. Your colleagues can have easier and more immediate access to files, sharing knowledge and insights.

As you know harnessing the power of your company's data is important for making confident and well-documented decisions, this results in a greater impact on your business.

How protected is your data?

The issue of security is also vital, whether it is your data or that of your Clients.

With G Suite's security center, you can prevent threats before they occur with proactive security tools. G Suite provides a comprehensive view of your organization's security with constant updates.

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