5 reasons to choose G Suite business apps for your startup

In the recent period, there has been talk of a race for startups. "Campania ranks third in Italy for business startups," headlined an article by Luca Orlando in Il Sole 24 Ore a few weeks ago, "400 in 2019, about one a week.

If you are also working on a new business idea and don't know where to start, here are 5 reasons to choose G Suite's Business Apps for your startup.

  1. G Suite is a stepping stone! If you don't start off on the right foot you will probably get to your goal by taking longer than you should. It's a bit like driving a car without power steering when there are others on the market that allow you to get farther with a more comfortable and safer ride. A good idea alone is not enough, do you have the right kit to start your new job? G Suite includes in one solution everything your startup needs, whatever it is. Everyone needs to plan, organize, communicate, share, present, and store securely. G Suite's business apps are not only integrated and communicate with each other, they do the same with the business tools you use or will use in the future such as Asana, Hubspot, Salesforce, SAP, Appspace, Zendesk.
  2. If your startup does not currently have a physical location, but you need to collaborate with external consultants, for example, G Suite ensures real-time communications evenif people are in different locations and countries. Everyone works as if they were around the same desk. Whether your team consists of 2 or 200 people, it doesn't matter; a solid organization is built with a close-knit, collaborative team. It is important to exchange ideas, collaborate, and make decisions as quickly as possible. Keeping your employees or associates updated is especially important in the early stages of your startup.
  3. G Suite thinks about the future of your Startup: it offers scalability. Not surprisingly, it is a cloud solution used by Startups as well as Fortune 500 companies! G Suite's Enterprise Apps are scalable and adapt to your needs. G Suite grows with your Startup without disrupting your organization. If your Startup is successful in a short time going from 2 to 100 employees what you need to do is increase licenses or upgrade from Basic to Business version. Simple isn't it?
  4. If your startup does not yet have the ability to afford an IT department, G Suite provides you with adequate infrastructure and security through an interface that has a simple and intuitive language. You don't need to be an expert and have specialized knowledge, G Suite speaks your language! G Suite was born in the Cloud and allows you to work with Google's infrastructure and artificial intelligence for your startup. You won't have to worry about updating it, Google takes care of that!
  5. Whether you are on a train, on the move to reach a Client, or at a location other than your own, G Suite travels with you because it is dynamic. You can log in from any device, cell phone, tablet, smartphone, and consult the data you need by entering your credentials and browsing through your data.

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Create and Collaborate with G Suite. Enterprise Apps for Startups
Google documents logo


Process Documents. Create and edit text documents directly in your browser, no dedicated software is needed. Multiple people can work on the same file at the same time, every edit is automatically saved even when you are offline.

Comment, chat and edit in real time. Work on a single Document with your colleagues or people outside your Startup. Follow edits as others are typing them, communicate through built-in chat, ask questions by including your colleagues in Comments.

Works with all file types. Import your Documents to make them instantly editable, including Microsoft® Word and PDF files. Export your work in .docx, .pdf, .odt, .rtf, .txt, or .html format.

Unlimited revision history: keep track of changes made to your Documents and restore the one you are interested in in one click. Earlier versions are kept indefinitely and do not count for memory purposes.

Of course, grammar correction functions are included.

Google logo sheets


Collaborate on data analysis with Smart Spreadsheets. Work simultaneously on the same Spreadsheet. Perform calculations with formulas. Please note that all changes are saved automatically as you type.

Data crunch with powerful functions: visualize your data with charts, create Pivot tables, and add data filters.

Work with Excel and other file formats: import existing Spreadsheets from other formats such as Excel to make them instantly editable and accessible among your members. Export Sheets to your preferred file type, including .xlsx, .csv, .html, .ods, or .txt formats.

Access your Spreadsheets anytime, anywhere. Create, edit and share Spreadsheets from any type of device (tablet, mobile, computer) , regardless of where you are. Work in Sheets even when you are offline.

Democratize access to data. Ask questions and get answers immediately with Google Artificial Intelligence, or access and analyze billions of rows of Big Query data in Sheets without necessarily knowing SQL.

Google logo presentations


Create brilliant Presentations in just a few clicks. Multiple people can work on the same Presentation at the same time, everyone will always have the most up-to-date version.

Real-time commenting, chatting and editing. Work on a single online Presentation with your business partner, your entire team, or contacts outside your Startup. You can decide who can edit, view, or simply add comments.

Insert charts from Sheets and update them with one click. Similarly, you can insert slides from other Presentations and update them in the same way.

Easy-to-design slides: start from scratch or speed up the process by choosing a template to start from. You can enhance your Presentations by inserting videos, images, drawings, and more.



Create custom Forms for surveys and questionnaires at no extra cost. Collect and analyze results directly in a Google Sheet.

Create a Form as easily as you create a Document: select from multiple question types, drag and drop to reorder questions, and customize values by simply pasting a list.

Submit professional-looking surveys to gain valuable information. Add images, videos, and customize to give respondents a great survey experience.

Analyze responses with automatic summaries: look at responses in real time. You can also access the raw data and analyze it with Google Sheets or other software.

Google Site logo


Easily create Impact Sites for your team, a project or event.

Create a site without having programming or design skills. Site simplifies your team's work, has easy access to all your G Suite content, whether it's a Drive folder, a Document or even a shared Calendar.

Your content adapts to all devices. Google Site intelligently optimizes your work to be responsive, adapting seamlessly to desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Appmaker Google logo


If you need create Apps for your startup's needs, accelerate business workflows, or scale up internal operations with G Suite's low-code development environment. (App Maker is included in G Suite Business and Enterprise editions and in G Suite for Education).

Create Apps faster with available templates, drag-and-drop selection UI design, for example, simplifies App creation for your IT developer teams.

Get insights and promote actions with connected Apps, whether it's Gmail, Google Calendar or Sheets, it's easy to connect with the data and services you need to make your Apps more effective. In addition, you can use the App Script to access Google Cloud Platform and other third-party services.

Stay in control: G Suite administrators have visibility into the Apps that are running, including information about owners and usage metrics.

Keep Google logo


Organize your work and remember what is most important. Keep works a bit like a reminder, and you can share it with your colleagues. Everything syncs across all your devices, and is always at your fingertips.

Do more together! Keep makes it easy to collaborate with your colleagues on notes, lists, photos, audio and drawings. Quickly capture ideas during your brainstorms, keep them handy as you work, and tick off things already done in real time.

Update Keep anytime, anywhere. Access, create and edit Keep anywhere, from your computer, phone or tablet, even when there is no connection. Any changes you make are automatically saved and updated on all devices.


Gmail logo


Secure, SPAM-free email for your startup. With Gmail you are always up-to-date with real time message notifications and have the ability to securely store important emails and data. Administrators can manage accounts within the Startup and the devices used.

Personalized business email. Build trust with your future customers by providing everyone with a professional email address with your domain name (alessia@power2Cloud.com).

Work without interruption. When you are traveling or if you forgot your computer at the office. Access your email anytime, anywhere, on any device, no Internet connection required. Read emails and write messages even when you are off line, they will be ready to send when you have connection again. There are lots of related features such as canceling email if you realize you've missed or missed something, or delayed sending.

Google Calendar logo


Integrated online calendars designed to collaborate. Spend less time planning! Calendars shared with your partner or colleagues integrate seamlessly with Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Google Site and Hangout.

Intelligently schedule meetings after checking the availability of your colleagues. You can share Calendars so people can see all the details of the event or simply if you are free.

Log in from your computer, tablet, or phone to view or edit your event. Sync Calendar with your phone.

Hangout Chat logo


Simplify teamwork with a messaging platform: from messages to group conversations, Hangout Chat makes it easy to monitor progress and follow up on your startup's activities

Integrated with G Suite: upload items from Drive, collaborate in Documents, Sheets or Presentations, participate in online meetings with Hangouts Meet or use powerful Google search to search for previous conversations and shared files. Meet integrates directly with Calendar to schedule meetings for you.

Built-in security with peace of mind. With Vault's built-in support, administrators can securely store, retain, and search chat-specific data, you have mobile device management, single sign-on, two-factor authentication, administration settings, compliance, and data retention with Vault.

Hangout Meet logo


Video meetings for your startup wherever your team is. With video calls, collaborate in real time while saving travel time and costs.

Participate in a meeting easily. To participate with Meet simply schedule a meeting and share the link, you won't have to worry if your Clients or vendors don't have the right accounts or plug-ins (Chrome browser is preferred).

Designed for all kinds of activities. Meet is fully integrated with G Suite. You can join meetings directly from a Calendar event or from an invitation forwarded by email. All the important event details are there when you need them, whether you are attending from your computer or your cell phone.


Google Search logo


Google search for your startup: get speed, performance and reliability that only Google can offer, all in over 100 languages.

Drive logo


Store, access and share all your files in one secure location. Access files anytime, anywhere from your desktop and mobile devices. You can control how files are shared inside or outside your Startup.

Get all the storage capacity you need: the Business and Enterprise editions of G Suite offer flexible storage options so you always have enough space for your files. With centralized administration, data loss prevention and Vault you can easily manage users and sharing to meet data compliance needs.

Quickly find what you need. Drive uses Google Artificial Intelligence and helps you save time: it recognizes important content, collaborators, and events, using features such as Quick Access and search enhancements through Machine Learning to connect each user with files that might need more attention.

Organize team files in a shared space. Use the Team Drive to store work in secure and easy-to-manage shared spaces. All files added to Team Drives are collectively owned by the team, so everyone stays current. Even when a coworker leaves you will always have all the files you need available.


Admin Google logo


Manage G Suite for your startup from the Administration Console. Easily add users, manage devices, and configure security and settings so your data stays safe.

Security and control: centralized administration makes installation and management quick and easy. Protect your startup and use built-in features to manage users and set security options such as two-step verification and security tokens.

Mobile Device Management: distribute Apps to your employees and protect data on iOS and Android devices. You can control usage and manage security settings by remotely locking or wiping devices.

Mobile Google logo


Mobile Management (MDM) easy to set up for Android, iOS, Windows and other smartphones.

Protect data if you lose your phone or get robbed. Protect your startup's data, remotely lock or delete sensitive information.

Easy to manage from the Administration Console. You can view charts and reports on mobile device usage and trends at any time in the Reports section.

Deploy Apps Quickly: Help your employees find the Apps they need by deploying business apps from the Administration Console on Google Play or Apple's App Store.

Vault Google logo


Archiving and eDiscovery for email, files and chats. Manage, store, search and export your Startup's email, Google Drive file content and recorded chats. G Suite Business and Enterprise versions allow you to archive business data from G Suite solutions, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Teams Drive, Google Groups, and Google Hangouts Meet.

Protect your Startup data with compliant email archiving: securely set retention policies on supported content for an entire domain or for specific units with specific date ranges and query terms. Vault allows you to track and preserve recorded data for legal audits.

Quickly find valuable content and information, even from suspended accounts.

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