6 useful tips for smart workers.

How many habits have changed in the last period? So many.

If you're still feeling a little lost while trying to work smart, it's time to reorganize your desk and pace your day.

We know it is not easy because children demand attention, the light on your desk is dim, the seating is not ergonomic, and the days all look the same.

Don't forget that you make the difference if you know how to organize. On the Web, you are spoiled for choice. Stay updated on initiatives that can help you take your mind off things.

Check out the works made available for streaming by the Cineteca di Milano, for example, yoga classes, language classes, and webinars that interest you most (Soon ours on G Suite will also begin, if you want to stay informed write to us ). In short, make better use of the time you have!

In the meantime, we thank Sara Compagni (IG @posturadapaura) kinesiologist, specializing in posturology and manual therapy, who allowed us to share her valuable advice. Don't miss all her videos!

It is true that we have to stay at home, but let's not forget the movement.

We have started, and you?

Smart working and posture. Follow Sara's videos

Here are videos made by Sara/posturadapaura to support the work of those of us who work in smart work spending many hours at the computer:

"⚡️Ormai for at least a week, this darn coronavirus scourge has been forcing us adults to telecommute and the babies to distance learning.

🔥The table being too low, the seat not ergonomic, the environment not properly lit, are all factors that contribute to us winning a good quarantine backache.

🌈Here are my tips for how to best manage these weeks:

  1. Do not work lying on the couch or bed, try to use the laptop only on a suitable table.
  2. Adapt the environment to your needs, not the other way around: use elevations under your feet or under your computer, some cushions to make sitting more comfortable, work in sufficiently lit places.
  3. Get up as often as possible and if it is not really possible try to change positions frequently.
  4. Drink and eat healthy-a healthy body can handle even the most uncomfortable of conditions without becoming inflamed.
  5. Plan for some daily exercise, without politely leaving the house: having a strong, flexible body is the key to fighting aches and pains and blemishes. Be sure not to overdo and endanger yourself; hospitals have no place for your musculoskeletal injury.
  6. Give yourself breaks by completely unplugging from technology: you probably don't save lives with your work, so try to safeguard your health.

💥This virus is bringing the whole boot to its knees, now many of the people I know have relatives or friends directly involved in this emergency. I too have lost a loved one, but I have chosen to bring only relief and good cheer to my channel, so I will try to keep my grief to myself. However, I ask you to respect the losses of many of us through civil and responsible behavior.

❤️Siate conscientious, take care of your health, we are lucky to be well.

Music: At The Screen
Url: https: //icons8.com/music/ "

Cat sitting
Stretching anterior muscles of the neck
Gluteal stretching
Pectoral Stretching
Shoulder extension
Lateral tilt
Take advantage of calls to walk around
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