5 Zendesk customer experience trends for 2019

Stay ahead of the curve, learn about Zendesk's 5 customer experience trends for 2019. Keep up to date on best practices to make your support more effective and your customers satisfied.

Zendesk's benchmark data includes 45 thousand companies worldwide, with customers in 140 countries, to this Zendesk added a survey by interviewing 570 Agents, 1,850 Customers and especially 170 Managers to understand how they approach the customer experience.

The sectors that have embraced digital transformation the fastest by gaining the most benefits from the technology tools the market offers are Financial Services, Retail and Travel.

Your customers compare you to the best experiences they've had with other brands, don't forget that!

Not all companies from these sectors meet customer expectations in the same way, but it is also true that customers continue to compare them to the best. Let's take a few examples: if we work in the Travel world, customers will expect Airbnb's customer journey that has built-in chat and solves problems instantly, in the shopping world, on the other hand, Amazon's services that among many things also offers 30-day return and so on.

Customer expectations are increasingly high, and we as companies must respond appropriately.

Think about your working reality, how do you meet these key points to improve your customers' customer experience?

  • customer satisfaction
  • first reply time
  • resolution time
  • self-service experience

Zendesk's 5 customer experience trends for 2019:

1 Customers expect integrated omnichannel support

"My company provides chat, email and phone." Please note: If you have all these channels, they must be integrated with each other-not a multichannel approach, but an omnichannel approach is important! This allows your customers to have smooth, seamless experiences and your support team to work easily.

It is important to manage everything from one platform such as Zendesk instead of opening five different tools at once for a request or to a report, because time is lost and the customer is less satisfied. While older generations willingly resort to phone support, don't forget to target Search for newer generations proactive in seeking solutions instead of waiting for the helpdesk. Aim for FAQs and populate them with useful articles and information.

Some advice from successful companies using Zendesk:

  • implements an integrated omnichannel approach
  • Add items to selfservice to decrease requests. Customer finds answers automatically
  • integrates live channels especially telephone support which is the most used channel
  • Strengthens staff on different channels
  • offer the right channel at the right time

This will enable you to give faster responses to your customers (10%) and resolve service requests just as quickly and effectively (17%).

2 The support platform must be open, flexible and integrated with customer data

Integrate customer service platform such as Zendesk's with your CRM, for example. Always choose open, flexible and integrated solutions because each one has its own uniqueness and allows you to help you in your work.

Seventy-six percent of customers worldwide expect the support team to work together to avoid repeating their requests.

Customers do not want to answer the same questions or repeat what they have already requested. Your team through integrating Zendesk's platform to your CRM can increase satisfaction and improve their workflow by tapping into each customer's history or personal data.

Some advice from successful companies using Zendesk:

  • Set up your CRM platform with your data built in. The more context information an agent has the more they will solve the problem with a high customer satisfaton
  • Streamline your work with apps and integrations (700 apps in just a few clicks on Zendesk in the Marketplace)
  • offer your agents more context with APIs and custom apps. If you can't find the app you're looking for in the market place, you can have it developed by our team
  • uses low-spending agile software such as Zendesk
  • Integrates support on mobile app and web

3 Customers demand a proactive approach, but companies are not yet ready

Ninety percent of customers look favorably on companies that reach out to them proactively or are neutral. This requires an expenditure of energy and time because it is often a task that is done manually.

With Zendesk Connect you can track your customers' behavior and proactively contact them when they have a problem automatically. Let's take an example. For a shipment delay Zendesk Connect can anticipate a customer's message and alert them that the package will be late to arrive. This will limit the number of open reports and involve your team marginally. Then you can focus on a few issues.

Some advice from successful companies using Zendesk:

  • Connect data sources to keep track of customers.
  • Become proactive about your customers' common problems
  • Enlarge your team to solve more tickets to distribute the workload
  • test your proactive messages A/B testing
  • optimize your messaging strategy over time

4 For the best teams, AI is already creating meaningful experiences

We think artificial intelligence is the future, but it is not, in minimum it is already present in our daily lives. Seventy percent of customers globally prefer to interact like a human agent, but AI is already active and represents a return for the company and customers that should not be underestimated. Let's take a closer look: Zendesk's answer boat has already solved 1.1M support requests, saved 225k support team hours, and saved 2,800 years of waiting time for customers. Not bad, right?

Some advice from successful companies using Zendesk:

  • Build your help center (if there are no items that the chat boat proposes you cannot integrate, you lack the content to offer customers)
  • make sure you check the right metrics
  • Enables staff members to add content in the help center
  • start using AI bots
  • incorporates AI in multiple channels of support

5 Appropriate culture, processes and tools are key ingredients for success

Your company can equip itself with the best tools to support its customers, but first a customer-facing culture marked by well-defined processes must coexist.

Some advice from successful companies using Zendesk:

  • Create a support-oriented culture with your employees
  • uses an out-of-the-box analytics solution. Zendesk Explore, for example, allows you to monitor API and even individual operator success. This allows you to identify the one most lacking that you can help with training or support
  • Invest in the right tools for your agents to help the customer.Help your people, provide a single platform like Zendesk. Assign og
  • Simplifies agent workflows by automating them. Assigning a report to a qualified employee, for example, those who speak English 
  • Refine the way you use metrics to evaluate your team

Try implementing the 5 Zendesk customer experience trends for 2019.

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